Services we offer

Spindrift Marine is able to provide a broad range of services. Below are examples of the sort of work we have done - if you have a project requiring similar skills, we'd be happy to discuss how we could work with you. If we don't have the necessary skills in-house, we may still be able to help - by calling on our network of associates. Where possible, we will try to recommend another service provider if we're unable to take on your work for any reason.

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What we do

Marine science
We can design, plan and carry out intertidal and marine surveys for ecological and fisheries management purposes. Examples of past work includes stock assessment, intertidal and subtidal habitat mapping, acoustic remote sensing surveys, grab/benthic validation, fisheries impact studies.
Fisheries management and liaison
Spindrift Marine is able to provide advice on fisheries management to regulators, government bodies, NGOs and the fishing industry. We can also act as a liaison between the industry and managers or developers to facilitate projects.
GIS and spatial analysis
We can produce spatial data from our own surveys - or to take pre-existing data - and create charts and shapefiles to illustrate and complement reports (yours or our own). Additionally, we can perform more advanced spatial analysis and presentation, including interactive output such as WebGIS. Example projects: habitat mapping, constraints analysis, fisheries mapping, data validation, metadata preparation.
Environmental assessment
Spindrift Marine can assist you with Habitats Regulations "appropriate assessments" for plans or projects ranging from shellfisheries to larger developments. We can contribute to, advise on and/or critically review environmental statements and EIAs, and have particular experience of this with respect to impacts on commercial fishing and fish resources.
Project management and support
In addition to technical advice and advocacy work, Spindrift Marine can provide project management and support, compiling and editing content from multiple providers, sourcing data, conducting desk studies and more.